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Exceeding Your Expectations

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Infinite Souls Consultations: Cultural Competency Consulting

Excellent Results - I have worked with companies like Detroit Veseay, the Help Network, and Rick & Morty with wonderful results in helping them understand the complexities of developing TGI intention in the workplace and their structure.  

Miss Barbie-Q: Performing/Hosting/Event Planning

Satisfaction Guaranteed - I have been performing, hosting, and planning events since 1992. I have performed at weddings and clubs. Hosted events like the AIDS LifeCycle, West Hollywood Halloween Event and have worked at venues like LACMA, MOCA, Hamburger Mary's Weho and Navel LA. 

DEI Training, Moderating and Hosting Panels

Practical Solutions - Taking my past work and experience, I have trained companies on how to be more gender inclusive and have moderated panels and discussions creating dialogue for more inclusion and intentionality for spaces to create a community for TGI people in the workplace and beyond.

Big Mama Storytime

Gather Around! Reading is for everyone! I have had the pleasure of reading to children! Especially children of color and decided to start my own business of reading LGBTQ children's books to children and adults. The fun, the whimsy and all my theatre experince has brought me to this venture! 


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Interested? I know you are! Hit me up and let's see what we can work out! Let's plan in advance and see what magic we can wokr toether! 

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